Certification is an investment in one’s career and professional advancement. Being certified demonstrates a designated level of knowledge in product management and marketing.
Pragmatic Marketing Certified identifies that an individual has a certain level of knowledge. It does not designate an individual as being more qualified, experienced or suitable than others for any product team role or task. It does not: • Substitute for actual product management or marketing experience • Teach nor test all that is needed to become a qualified product manager • Provide for actual on-the-job performance testing
There are six levels of certification available, as we now offer certification at the end of each of our core course offerings. You can be a Pragmatic Marketing Certified—Level One (PMC-I) all the way up to a Pragmatic Marketing Certified—Level Six (PMC-VI) depending on how many courses you take and exams you pass.
Here’s how it works: • If you were Pragmatic Marketing Certified prior to the curriculum change, you are now a PMC-II • If you weren’t certified before, you aren’t now (but it’s never too late to start) • For every course you take now, if you pass the certification exam, you move up a level • At any time, if you can’t remember your certification level or which courses you’ve been certified for, simply contact our registrar, who can answer your questions and reissue your official certification
Attendees can take a certification exam at the end of each course. No additional fee or separate registration is required. The certification exam is given during the last half hour of the course in the same location.
You must have attended the course for which you are attempting to be certified. No other prerequisite is required. Testing is conducted in English.
All material in the exam is covered in the course, additional study is not required. Good notes and a review of the course manual should be sufficient.
You will receive your results immediately upon completion of the exam. A certificate is sent to all those who pass after the event.
Yes, course attendance is required.
No, participation in the certification exam is not required, though it is included in the registration fee. You can also elect to sit for one of the exams and not the other(s) if you’re attending multiple days.
The exam is administered in a proctored, multiple-choice, time-constrained format. A Wi-Fi capable laptop or tablet is required to take the exam and you will receive your results immediately.
You will need a Wi-Fi capable laptop or tablet to take the exam.
We highly recommend the use of a Wi-Fi capable laptop or tablet for taking the exam as the user experience on the phone is not ideal.
No, to ensure the integrity of the exam, we require proctoring.
No, anyone who is Pragmatic Marketing Certified currently, based on passing the Practical Product Management examination, automatically becomes a Pragmatic Marketing Certified–Level Two (PMC-II) under the new curriculum.
Congratulations! You're free to add your certification status in your email signature line, on your business card, your LinkedIn profile, etc.–anywhere you go to tell the world about yourself. Most people designate their certification this way: PMC - # of certifications received. So, if you've passed two exams, you'd be a PMC-II. If you've passed all six, you'd be PMC-VI. We also have a snazzy PMC logo that you can download from the Alumni Resource Center to add beauty to your obvious brains.
You may sit for the exam of any course you’ve attended during the exam period of any one of our public training courses or, via Skype, during one of our defined testing periods each week. There is a fee of $25 for each certification. Please contact our registrar to reserve your exam seat.
You can retake the certification exam at the end of any Pragmatic Marketing public training course or, via Skype, during one of our defined testing periods each week. There is a $25 fee that is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Travel arrangements and expenses are the participant's responsibility. To reserve your exam seat, please contact our registrar via email or at 480.515.1411. Please note that if you fail the certification exam three times, you will be required to attend the course again before being allowed to retake the exam.
Sorry, you must attend the current course in order to sit for the certification exam.
Which certifications a job description is referring to will depend on the individual job. You will want to have Foundations certification, as well as certifications for the courses that cover the main areas of responsibilities for the job. But you can’t go wrong if you’re a PMC-VI and certified in all six.
If you did not receive the email at the same time your colleagues received theirs, oftentimes it means Pragmatic Marketing does not have your valid email address on file. Please send an email to info@pragmaticmarketing.com to verify your email address. Once verified, you should receive your score via email in 24 hours.
No, only the individual who attended the training and passed the exam can use the certification. However, if the individual is named in company marketing material, use of the certification and logo is permitted for that individual's biography or professional profile.

Everybody starts by attending Foundations. Which courses you should take with Foundations depends on your individual area of responsibility, the deliverables you are accountable for and the challenges you face. Click here for help determining which courses are right for you.

Foundations is a prerequisite for all other courses. Focus, Build, Market, Launch and Price were developed to build on the concepts covered in Foundations. If you do not understand these core concepts, you will not gain the full benefit from our other courses.

It is strongly recommended. When you attend with your staff, you're showing support for this market-driven methodology, which will help build a stronger team.
Our courses focus on the need to truly understand the market and the problems it faces in order to create products people want to buy. These products can be any combination of hardware, software and services, because it is not about the technology you use, but the problems you solve.

Foundations is designed to cover many of the core principles of Pragmatic Marketing that were previously taught in Practical Product Management, but in a way that is not focused on a specific job title. Therefore, if you’ve previously attended Practical Product Management, much of what you’ll see will be familiar. However, clients regularly tell us that they benefit from multiple viewings of the content. Also, if it's been a while, a refresher might be helpful since Foundations serves as a prerequisite for all other courses and its concepts are built upon in these courses.

In 2013, Pragmatic Marketing went through a reorganization of our curriculum to help make it easier for people to find and attend the courses that would be the most relevant and helpful to them. This change included renaming the courses themselves. To find the courses that best correlate to the ones you’re looking for, click here. To find out more about why we changed our curriculum, click here.

Excellent question, click here for a handy-dandy tool that helps you translate the previous courses into the new curriculum.

Visit https://buy.pragmaticmarketing.com/ and select your course. If you want to host a private training at your company, contact your salesperson.

We recommend registering as soon as possible; our courses fill up quickly. We can accommodate last-minute registrations, if seats are available, but recommend you wait for your confirmation email before making travel arrangements in case a course has sold out.

Yes, we wait-list attendees for sold-out courses. Please contact our registrar or call 480.515.1411.

Seats cannot be reserved. We encourage early registration as our courses frequently sell out.
Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. Courses start at 9:00 a.m. each day and end at 4:30 p.m.
No preparation is needed prior to attending the courses. Just come ready to learn.

You do not need to bring anything to the course. However, should you wish to take the certification exam, you will need to bring a Wi-Fi capable laptop or tablet.

Our public events were organized to deliver the most common and popular combinations of our courses in the most locations each year. Unfortunately, that means we don’t offer all combinations in a public setting. You might want to consider having us deliver a private training onsite, where you can pick and choose exactly the right courses for your team. Or come visit us a couple of times this year. We’re always happy to see you!
Full refunds (minus a $25 registration fee) will be provided to customers who cancel 8 calendar days or more prior to the course date. Customers cancelling or transferring to another course between 1 to 7 calendar days prior to course date will not be eligible for a refund. These customers will, however, be given an opportunity to attend another course within 12 months of the original course date for a rescheduling fee of $150 per course. Customers who fail to attend without providing notice will be charged the total fee of all course days for which they have registered. Substitutes are permitted. A substitute is defined as one individual attending the entire duration of the consecutive course days in lieu of the original customer.
Please call us at 480.515.1411. Contractually, there is no guarantee the hotel can accommodate your request, but we are happy to ask the hotel for the lower rate or to add more guest rooms to the room block.
No, each attendee makes their own hotel reservations. Complete hotel information is included in the email confirmation.
Private training will include an initial discovery call to ensure that your instructor understands your organization’s specific situation. And since the training class is comprised of your co-workers, you can speak to internal-specific issues. In addition, you can easily increase the class size to include team members from other departments. Plus, you will reduce time away from the office, limiting travel days and related expenses.
We conduct private courses around the world.

Pragmatic Marketing allows clients to combine our single-day courses to create multi-day onsite training events. These onsite events must have an average of 15 or more attendees per course. For example, that could be 15 students in every course of a three-day event, or 35 in the first day and 5 in each of the others. We’re flexible. Please contact a sales representative for more information about our onsite training.

Pragmatic Marketing private onsite training events are a minimum of two days in length. Exceptions may be made for single-day events with 30 or more attendees. Please contact a sales representative for more information about our onsite training.

Pragmatic Marketing's training is designed to offer you the tools and techniques you need to go back to the office and start making an impact immediately. But, we also offer post-training coaching services for companies looking for help during the implementation process.

Click here to learn more.

Absolutely. We firmly believe in delivering actionable training, which includes providing the tools and templates you need to implement what you learn. Alumni are able to access all of these tools in the Pragmatic Marketing Alumni Resource Center.

All individual public courses are $1195, except in the United Kingdom where they are $1495. The U.S. and the U.K. offer discounts when you select multiple courses during the same public training event.

U.S. training discounts:

  • One public training course - $1195
  • Two courses during the same public event - $2190
  • Three courses during the same public event - $3185
  • Four courses during the same public event - $4180

U.K. training discounts:                             

  • One public training course - $1495
  • Two courses during the same public event - $2495
  • Three courses during the same public event - $3495
  • Four courses during the same public event - $4495

Please reference other international event specific pages for more pricing info.

For private course pricing and availability, please contact us or call 480-515-1411


Yes, course tuition is in US Dollars and includes course materials, certification exam, breakfast, buffet lunch and refreshment breaks.

We do not currently offer group discounts for our public courses. We do offer discounts based on total number of attendee days for our onsite clients. Click here to learn about the advantages of a private training at your company.

Contact us for private pricing details. Discounts are available based on group size and number of training events.
Course materials are only available to attendees and are not for sale.

We currently do not offer CEP credit for our courses. We can provide a letter verifying your attendance, which includes a detailed course description and the number of hours attended, printed on our corporate letterhead. You can also earn credit from University of California, Irvine for attending our courses and successfully passing our certification. For more information on this program, please visit http://pragmatic.unx.uci.edu/courses/nontrad/.

The Pragmatic Learning Network or "PLN" is a new program in which Pragmatic Marketing partners with top organizations and thought leaders to bring you exclusive new courses to help broaden your professional skillset.

Yes!  We just launched our initial course offering through the Pragmatic Learning Network:  UX Essentials by Ascest.  You can learn more here.

We can bring Pragmatic Marketing training to you!