The Pragmatic Marketer: Volume 6 Issue 5

March 14, 2012

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In this Issue:

  • Living in an Agile World: The Strategic Role of Product Management When Development Goes Agile
    For years, product management seems to be have been defined by what it is not as much as what it is. Developers and engineers often see product managers as technical resources, to be used for project management. Agile development methods seem to have made this orientation even worse, with product managers getting pulled into deeper tactical, technical activities. But spending so much time with internal, tactical teams means less time spent outside the company in the market. What is the role of product management in an agile world?

  • When Creative is the Wrong Tool! The Ideative Process: A Better Tool for Our Constrained World
    If you ask a person if he or she is “creative,” the common response from product and marketing managers, engineers, financial managers, and just about everyone else in a business discipline is “No!” And that negative answer is often quite forceful. Yet when describing ideative—the ability to proactively and regularly produce unique and valuable ideas for new products, services, and solutions— the response is often positive, confident “Yes!”.

  • The Economics of Software as a Service vs. Software as a Product
    There are numerous ways of selling software these days. Software as a Service (SaaS) has been in the consumer market for a while, and is now making significant inroads into the enterprise software space. If you’re considering purchasing or using software, you should understand what SaaS means and how it differs from software products of the past.

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