The Pragmatic Marketer Volume 9 Issue 1

April 21, 2011

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The Pragmatic Marketer Volume 9 Issue 1 

In This Issue: 

  • Pragmatic Marketing's 2010-2011 Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey
    By Steve Johnson
    Each year Pragmatic Marketing conducts a survey of product managers and marketing professionals. Our objective is to provide information about compensation as well as the most common responsibilities for those performing product management and marketing activities.
  • Finance as a Stakeholder in Product Management
    By Stephen J. Konig
    When talking about how the product manager interacts with others in the company, we usually talk about sales, marketing, product development and senior management, but Finance is a critical role in a company that isn’t talked about much.
  • Mining Content Gold: How to Interview Content Experts
    By Cheryl J. Goldberg
    As technology companies increasingly turn to content marketing, their challenge is coming up with compelling information. Knowing how to interview experts will help you uncover nuggets that take your content marketing to the next level.

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