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4 Steps to Successful Product Teams

* This podcast was captured during our recent webinar (4 Steps to Successful Product Teams).

Your business depends on the ability of your product teams to identify the products customers want to buy and then bring them to market successfully. 

But how do you build and motivate your product team so that everyone functions and performs at their highest capacity?

Kirsten Butzow, product veteran, industry thought leader and instructor at Pragmatic Marketing, will share the four major steps to take in order to transform your product team into a well-oiled machine which develops and markets successful products. Kirsten will show how you can leverage the Pragmatic Marketing Framework for each of these four steps to achieve optimal team performance.

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Hosted by Jon Torrens, expert communication coach.

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Pricing Approach: 2018 Pragmatic Marketing Annual Survey

With 1,700 respondants from around the world, the 2018 Pragmatic Marketing annual survey gives incredible insight into relevant topics facing the product community today.

In this episode of the Pragmatic Podcast, our vice president of marketing, Rebecca Kalogeris, is joined by Pragmatic Marketing Instructor and pricing guru, Mark Stiving, as they discuss the survey results and the pricing approach that enterprise and technology companies are taking in 2018.


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Top 5 Skills of Awesome Product Marketers

Good product marketing people are hard to find. Great ones are rarer still. So what traits separate the good from the great? Listen in as Andy Reid, product marketing specialist and thought leader, shares the five key skills shared by awesome product marketers in this classic episode of Pragmatic Live.

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Throwback Thursday: An Agile Approach to Competitive Intelligence

The product team is often responsible for a company’s competitive intelligence efforts. But because it is only one of that team’s roles—and one that isn’t always fully funded—it can feel like a reactive rather than strategic exercise.

This week on Pragmatic Live, we present one of our favorite previous episodes of the show in which Alan Armstrong, founder and CEO of Eigenworks, discusses how he and his team have translated agile techniques for use in the competitive-intelligence area.


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NIHITO Principles in Action: Strategies for Conducting Systematic Buyer and User Interviews

* This podcast was captured during our recent webinar (NIHITO Principles in Action: Strategies for Conducting Systematic Buyer and User Interviews).

NIHITO (nothing important happens in the office) is the foundation of Pragmatic Marketing’s philosophy, yet it can be challenging for product professionals to establish a regular cadence of productive meetings with buyers and users. Often, the problem isn’t prioritizing time to speak with customers, the problem is implementing a plan to systematically and effectively book these important meetings.

Listen in as Rebecca Kalogeris, our vice president of marketing and Scott Olson, founding partner at Compete2Win, and a product team leader for 25 years, discuss tools and tips that can help you up your interview game.


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Holiday Throwback: Building High Power Teams

This week we look back to one of our favorite previous episodes of Pragmatic Live, in which Rebecca Kalogeris & Mark Stiving share their best practices for finding and hiring the right talent and keeping high performing teams motivated.

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