Improv(ing) Collaboration 

The need to be able to excel with change, innovate within constraints of time and resources, and manage relationships and communication across departments is more important now than ever.  Within the current business landscape, soft skills become the difference between average and high performing organizations.   

So, why is it that teams spend very little time developing the soft stills that lead to 75% of job success, upwards 49% increase in productivity, and an overall increase in engagement? The reason is that these skills can be difficult to build.  

Organizations have started to use Improvisational Theater as a way to develop these skills, which allow participants to engage and experience skill development so that it becomes embedded in the way that they work. It’s an engaging, fun way to shift mindsets and promote positive behavioral change that has an impact on the team and organization.

In this webinar, we will discuss the the fundamental soft skills critical to effective collaboration, including: 

  • fostering a non judgmental working environment that promotes trust and support 
  • active listening for understanding and building curiosity 
  • applying constraints and the use blocking responses 


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